Ingress hack rewards

Feby 21, 2020
ingress hack rewards

ingress hack rewards

Rewards. Once your glyph hack has been scored, you will be granted your rewards. The standard hack animation is displayed, then you will be shown two overlays. The first one will show the normal hack gear: this is what you would have received regardless of your glyph hacking results. Next is the bonus gear: this is your reward for glyph hacking.

Hack portal rewards

Rewards: By hacking ingress portal you can gain items. Portals that belong to your faction will be more generous with the items it gives out when hacked, enemy portals are less giving, except when it …

An Ingress Anomaly is a large-scale Ingress competition. You will be competing in several challenges along with other members of your faction. The more you coordinate, the better your odds -- but you always have the option of playing your own game, alone or with friends.

Access Points (often called Action Points), referenced in-game as AP, are the experience points of Ingress. Most gameplay actions, such as deploying Resonators, destroying Links, and creating Fields, earn AP for the agent and contribute to his or her Access Level. Actions With AP Rewards Edit

If the objective is met, the hack cooldown window timeout will be decreased from 5 minutes to 4 minutes from July 29th at 5pm UTC to August 7th at 5pm and the Portal attack-back strength when hacking or attacking an opposing faction Portal will also be decreased.

The ADA Refactor/Jarvis Virus hack rate will be increased 1.5x. The Portal decay rate will decrease by 50%. If all Shards are captured: All active Agents will receive the Avenir medal. The ADA Refactor/Jarvis Virus and Aegis Shield hack rate will be increased 1.5x. The Portal decay rate will decrease by 75%.

What's the reward for completing missions? Ask Question Asked 4 years, 11 months ago. Active 3 years, ... I assume that one could consider the items gathered in the hack to be reward. Further of the portal is owned by the enemy a takedown and turning grants you AP. ... As a traveler and ingress enthusiast, I've found the missions to serve best ...

Jon, While it would be possible to implement some sort of reward for attacking portals that are a challenge, it is probably unnecessary. I spent about 3-4 days leveling up to level 2 through solo play, the game is designed to require some teamwork. level 2-3 has taken about the same time to level up, though I had some assistance from other players.

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